Clean & Care

Natural merino wool felt is a practical material that is soft, smooth and durable. Items made with merino wool felt are naturally stain resistant and do not pill easily. Our felt bags will not stretch and maintain their shape for years of use.


Here are some tips for everyday care:


Water or wet weather conditions will not affect the shape or integrity of the bags. Make sure to leave the bag when wet in order to let it dry naturally.

To remove stains, first, wet a clean cloth in lightly soaped water.  Squeeze any excess water and gently pat the stain. Repeat patting 2-3 times turning your cloth and use a clean side until the stains are removed. Let the area dry naturally.

To remove dirt, wait until the bag dries and then brush it off. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to suck small particles off.

You can dry-clean our bags.

You can use a steamer or hot iron to smooth up any folds or bumps.

You cannot put our bags in the washing-machine.