Our Brand 

Inspired by ancient Mongolian traditions combined with artfully crafted timeless fashion – TUNGAA is a Canadian design brand that elevates your everyday self-expression.

Our fashion forward pieces are cross-seasonal, incredibly versatile, and are designed to embody the responsible fashionista’s lifestyle.

Design Philosophy

We consistently strive to produce elegant, simple, yet exquisite  long-lasting pieces that are built with care and intention. Quality materials and sustainable production practices are at the forefront of our design philosophy.

Canadian merino wool felt products are smooth and soft to the touch yet keep their structural shape no matter how you fill or fold them. Items and electronics placed in felt bags will be naturally protected from external shock and weather conditions.

Eco-Friendly & Cruelty Free

Every spring, sheep are freed from their outgrown wool. This is a natural process – there is no animal cruelty or unsustainable practice related to harvesting natural sheep wool.

Moreover, the modern technology used to produce natural felt does not require excessive amounts of water, microfibers, or synthetic fabrics that pollute our rivers and oceans. We abstain from spraying our bags with formaldehyde or any other chemicals.