At Tungaa Design, we use natural, recyclable, and sustainably sourced materials in our effort to remain climate positive. To that end, we work with natural wool felt and locally sourced leather to develop our product lines. The techniques involved in producing natural felt do not require excessive amounts of water, microfibers, or synthetic fabrics that pollute our rivers and oceans.  We abstain from spraying the bags with formaldehyde or any other chemicals. We always use locally sourced, Canadian merino wool felt.

As a business, we commit to the practices that minimize our environmental footprint. By working in Toronto, all of our suppliers - from the beautiful merino wool felt and leather, to the hardware - are sourced from local businesses. We love running this as a local business and enjoy the opportunity to stay connected with other businesses and designers in our community.

Customers can expect minimal packaging when making purchases online.  Every shipping box is made with recycled Canadian materials.

We continue to be committed to our natural production techniques while also encouraging customers to make fashion-forward purchases. Responsible fashion can be a goal for all of us!



Why Natural Wool Felt?

Every spring, sheep are freed from their outgrown winter wool. This is a natural process – there is no animal cruelty or unsustainable practice related to harvesting natural sheep wool. There are many countries around the world that still use natural wool felt in their everyday lives. For instance, sheep wool is referred to as “white gold” in Mongolia. Felt made with natural wool is used for a broad range of needs, from building materials to padding in a newborn’s carriage.

Natural wool felt is a non-woven fabric without any warp or weft, which means working with the felt does not leave by-products throughout production. Every yard of felt is used to its fullest! The specific breed of sheep called merino offers the strongest, thinnest, and most versatile of all felt fibers. Our merino wool is:

  • Sustainable
  • Biodegradable
  • Renewable
  • Completely natural
  • Not an allergen
  • Soft to the touch
  • Odour and stain resistant
  • Pesticide and chemical free unlike common large-scale production

We use Canadian merino wool felt to make our bags and accessories. Our bags are smooth and soft on the touch yet keep their structural shape no matter how you fill or fold them. Items placed in felt bags will be protected from stress and weather conditions.  

Natural wool felt is a clean material with incredible potential that truly excites us. We want to share this enthusiasm with you!