At Tungaa Design, we use natural, recyclable, and sustainably sourced materials in our effort to remain climate positive. To that end, for the last two years, we chose to work with natural wool felt to develop this bag line. The technology of producing natural felt does not require excessive amounts of water, microfibers, or synthetic fabrics that pollute our rivers and oceans.  We abstain from spraying the bags with formaldehyde or any other chemicals. We also use locally sourced, Canadian merino wool felt.



As a business, we commit to the practices that minimize our environmental footprint. By working in Toronto, all of our suppliers - from the beautiful merino wool felt, to even the leather and hardware - are local businesses. We love running this small business, and are excited to stay connected with other local business in the community.

Customers can expect minimal packaging when making purchases online.  Every shipping box is made with recycled Canadian materials.

We continue to be committed to our natural production techniques while also encouraging customers to make fashion-forward purchases. Responsible fashion can be a realistic goal for all of us.