About Us

While visiting my family during a recent trip to Mongolia, I found the inspiration for what began this project. I was talking with my mother, and when she saw an old laptop case of mine she asked why I did not use Mongolian felt and make one for myself. That turned out to be my ‘lightbulb’ moment.  I suddenly remembered how my grandmother had several felt bags; all handmade and sometimes even decorated with her hand stitching. I admired and was proud of this resourcefulness and resilience. I began to truly appreciate the value of locally sourced materials, acknowledge the problematic nature of the fast-fashion cycles back home in Canada, and seek the empowering feeling that even small efforts towards sustainability bring. These are things I often forget, and I wanted to bring the age-old Mongolian values to Canada.

Tungaa Design began as a passion project with the goal of developing a natural, wool felt bag line. Today, our small team operates out of our workshop in Toronto with the help of our local felt and leather suppliers. Our workshop houses individuals who value similar ideas about sustainability and resourcefulness yet will not compromise on utility or style. Our products are entirely hand-sourced and hand-made. We ensure that our working environments are safe, promote inclusivity, and foster creativity.





Tungaa Design offers four core styles in several earth colours. We operate entirely in-house as we bring our designs to life. The bags are artful, minimalist pieces cut and sewn at simple yet flattering angles. Our bags are designed to last and have a versatile life cycle. The team is constantly innovating both our designs as well as our production techniques. Our tight-knit group lets us explore new concepts, test new products and styles, invest in new development techniques, and collaborate with other local designers. This is all while maintaining an open and honest relationship with our customers. We produce in low productions runs in order to maintain these sustainability goals. We are constantly seeking out opportunities to collaborate and support other local designers and trade shows.

Our small team prioritizes open communication with our customers. We are available to talk by email or through all our social media platforms about any concerns or inquiries you may have about our work. We are also very flexible with any specific requests you may have.

After all, the bottom line is still about creating a desirable piece that people will use for a long time!

Sincerely, Tungaa Johnstone – Principle Designer and Owner