About Us

In one of my recent visits to Mongolia, I was talking to my mother. After seeing my old laptop sleeve, she asked why I didn’t use wool felt and make one for myself. That turned out to be my ‘aha!’ moment.  I remembered my grandmother used to have several different felt bags: handmade, and sometimes decorated with her hand stitching. I wanted to bring this age-old Mongolian wisdom to Canada. 

Tungaa Design began as a collaboration between like-minded individuals with the goal of developing a natural, wool felt bag line. Today, we offer four core styles in several earth colours: charcoal, grey, chocolate, pumpkin, and white.  These are artful, minimalist pieces cut and sewn at simple yet flattering angles. Our bags are designed to last and have a versatile life cycle.

Our bottom line is about creating a desirable piece that people will want to own and use for a long time. 



Why Natural Wool Felt?

Every spring, sheep are freed from their naturally outgrown winter wool. This is a natural process; there is no harm or any animal cruelty related to harvesting natural sheep wool. There are many countries around the world that still use natural wool felt in their everyday lives. For instance, sheep wool is referred to as “white gold” in Mongolia. Felt made with natural wool is used for a wide range of needs, from a transportation building material to padding in a newborn’s carriage.

Natural wool felt is a non-woven fabric without any warp or weft, which means working with the felt does not leave by-products throughout its production; every yard of felt is used to its fullest.

We use Canadian merino wool felt to make our bags and accessories. Our bags are smooth and soft on the touch yet keep its structural shape no matter how you stuff or fold them. Items placed in felt bags will be protected from stress and weather conditions.  

Natural wool felt is an ecologically clean material with incredible potential!